Air Mach Inc.
About Air Mach Inc.
Air Mach Inc. is Iowa's leading industrial distributor of compressed air and vacuum equipment. We offer products from the leading air compressor companies, Quincy and Sullair air compressors and Zeks Compressed Air Dryers. Air Mach Inc. has been serving Iowa for over 50 years. Air Mach strives to provide compressed air and vacuum pump solutions with the highest quality products and services available. Air Mach offers rotary screw air compressors, rotary vacuum pumps, reciprocating air compressors, air dryers and many other compressed air and vacuum system components. In addition to the supply of various equipment items, Air Mach, Inc. is proud to offer a broad range of services to complement the hardware side of its business. These services include: Start-Up, Repair, Maintenance, Rental, Preventative Maintenance Agreements, Training Seminars, Air Audits, System Controls, System Monitoring, and compressed air as a utility.

Air Mach Inc. Goals
"During Air Mach's 50 plus years of doing business in Iowa, we have strived to provide solutions to our customers compressed air and vacuum issues with the highest quality products and services Air Mach, Inc. can offer. We are committed to continue to provide our customers solutions and knowledge about compressed air and vacuum systems well into the future."
-Marty Brooker, President

History of Air Mach Inc.
This business was started in 1933 by a man named Karl Johnston. The business originally began as an automotive shop named "Automotive Service Company." During the 1940's, a line of air compressors manufactured by Quincy Compressor Company was added to the companies product line. In the mid 1970's Mr. Johnston purchased a building at 1313 Walnut St. in downtown Des Moines, next to his primary location of 1303 Walnut St. Mr. Johnston then divided his business into two separate entities. The automotive machine shop remained at the primary location of 1303 Walnut St. and kept the name "Automotive Service Company." The new company was named "Air Compressor & Machine Company of Iowa," in short "Air Mach," occupied the new location at 1313 Walnut St. On October 1, 1980, Air Mach was sold to Marty Brooker. Then on September 1, 1985, Air Mach moved to a new facility at 2345 Delaware Ave. During the year of 1987, Air Mach was incorporated and changed it's name to Air Mach Inc. Later that year, Sullair air compressors was added to Air Mach's product line. Today, Air Mach is still located at 2345 Delaware Ave. in Des Moines and is still owned by Marty Brooker.

Air Mach is located at 2345 Delaware Ave., Des Moines, Iowa.
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